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Asagai was an Iron Legion gladium, a blacksmith, expert sniper, and demolitionist. It was said that she could tell by feel if a firearm was assembled improperly, and correct a misaligned site by listening to the sound of it firing. In 1313 AE, Ceara had convinced Asagai to teach her how to properly use a rifle. Ceara left her after studying for two years.[1]

When Ceara had approached her, Asagai was already very old, and had disappeared shortly after Ceara's departure. It is believed that the disappearance was due to Asagai going on her final patrol.[2]


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    Rox: I know she apprenticed with an Iron Legion blacksmith named Asagai. She was ancient at the time, though, and no one has seen her for some time. My guess is she went out for her final patrol.
    <Character name>: Final patrol?
    Rox: It's when an aging or badly mutilated soldier knows she's going to die soon. She goes out for one final patrol so she can die in battle, defending what she loves. It's an honorable path.