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Comidus is a cultural armorsmith in the Imperator's Core who sells level 35 charr cultural armor for coin.


Items offered[edit]

Item Type Level Cost
Drover Boots.png Drover Boots Medium boots 35 34 Silver coin
Drover Coat.png Drover Coat Medium chest 35 80 Silver coin
Drover Helm.png Drover Helm Medium headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Drover Gloves.png Drover Gloves Medium gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Drover Leggings.png Drover Leggings Medium leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Drover Shoulders.png Drover Shoulders Medium shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Warband Boots.png Warband Boots Heavy boots 35 34 Silver coin
Warband Hauberk.png Warband Hauberk Heavy chest 35 80 Silver coin
Warband Visor.png Warband Visor Heavy headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Warband Fists.png Warband Fists Heavy gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Warband Tassets.png Warband Tassets Heavy leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Warband Spaulders.png Warband Spaulders Heavy shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Invoker's Boots.png Invoker's Boots Light boots 35 34 Silver coin
Invoker's Coat.png Invoker's Coat Light chest 35 80 Silver coin
Invoker's Helm.png Invoker's Helm Light headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Invoker's Gloves.png Invoker's Gloves Light gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Invoker's Leggings.png Invoker's Leggings Light leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Invoker's Shoulders.png Invoker's Shoulders Light shoulders 35 40 Silver coin


If not charr
You're not charr. Get out of here, meat.
Talk end option tango.png I'm leaving.