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Ember Bay[edit]

ID Link Location
2386 Point of interest.pngTwin Skulls
2387 Point of interest.pngFurnace Chamber
2390 Point of interest.pngThe Dread Shiny
2391 Point of interest.pngBarrier Spires
2392 Point of interest.pngAsuran Beachhead
2393 Point of interest.pngFool's Scratch
2395 Point of interest.pngMagma Outlet
2396 Point of interest.pngOsprey Aeries
2398 Point of interest.pngLava River
2401 Point of interest.pngQuickk's Retreat
2402 Point of interest.pngIvy's Circus Spectacular
2403 Point of interest.pngPedestal of Flames
2405 Point of interest.pngSlag Pools
2409 Point of interest.pngKarka Hatchery
2410 Point of interest.pngCliffwalk Trailhead
2412 Point of interest.pngObservation Outpost
2414 Point of interest.pngRock Face Scratch
2415 Point of interest.pngSloth Queen's Showground
2421 Point of interest.pngSealed Entrance
2423 Point of interest.pngSmoosh-a-Tron
2425 Point of interest.pngDestruction's Maw
2426 Point of interest.pngTitan's Perch
2427 Point of interest.pngChalice of Tears
ID Link Location
2389 Waypoint (tango icon).pngScratch Gate Waypoint
2399 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPromontory Waypoint
2400 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCrumbling Trail Waypoint
2424 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCastaway Circus Waypoint
ID Link Location
2397 Vista.pngOsprey Pillars Vista
2404 Vista.pngShipwreck Beach Vista
2408 Vista.pngCaliph's Steps Vista
2416 Vista.pngBleeding Pulpet Vista
2417 Vista.pngBasalt Rise Vista
2419 Vista.pngInfernal Cape Vista
2422 Vista.pngFractured Caldera Vista

Draconis Mons[edit]

ID Link Location
2490 Point of interest.pngZeta Vault
2492 Point of interest.pngAsura Gate
2494 Point of interest.pngEternal Pool
2497 Point of interest.pngFrothing Pedestal
2499 Point of interest.pngSub Landing
2500 Point of interest.pngSandstone Archway
2501 Point of interest.pngDruid's Grotto
2502 Point of interest.pngGolem Graveyard
2503 Point of interest.pngPrisoner's Perch
2504 Point of interest.pngSeething Pillar
2505 Point of interest.pngPeace Grounds
2507 Point of interest.pngWurm's Furnace
2508 Point of interest.pngMercenary Encampment
2510 Point of interest.pngViraddi's Salvation
2511 Point of interest.pngSearing Ascent
2512 Point of interest.pngScout's Clearing
2513 Point of interest.pngBurial Chamber
2514 Point of interest.pngIota Vault
2515 Point of interest.pngNu II Vault
2516 Point of interest.pngInquest Field Lab
2518 Point of interest.pngNu Vault
2519 Point of interest.pngGate of Fire
ID Link Location
2493 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMariner's Landing Waypoint
2509 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHeathen's Hold Waypoint
2517 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAncient Hollow Waypoint
ID Link Location
2488 Vista.pngSavage Rise Vista
2491 Vista.pngHeathen's Hold Vista
2495 Vista.pngRata Arcanum Vista
2496 Vista.pngMariner's Landing Vista
2498 Vista.pngScalding Gorge Vista