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Charr Trail Signs, also referred to as blazes or pictograms, are thought to have originated in Ascalon and are carvings used by the charr to leave trails. As the signs were meant to be used without the benefit of writing tools, charr use their claws to create the carvings. First encountered during Mired Deep, and again during Shoulder to Shoulder the commander is asked to interpret a charr trail signs. Some of these signs can also be seen used by Ash charr in Grothmar Valley leading to Recon Cove.


Numbers are represented by a combination of seven set values with lower values layered atop higher ones. Seven of these set values are known to exist, three of which have a described appearance: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000

  • One is a straight line.
  • Five is horizontal.
  • Ten is diagonal to the right.

Cardinal directions are thought to be derived from ascalon as a central location.

  • North is shaped like a mountain referring to the charr homelands.
  • East resembles a lean-to representing human settlements.
  • South is two sets of wavy scratches referring to the ocean.
  • West is diagonal scratches with a singular vetical resembling a tree for the wilds of the Shiverpeaks.


Charr script 1.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 2.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 3.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 4.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 5.png
[verification requested]
A straight line
2 3 4 5
Charr script 6.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 7.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 8.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 9.png
[verification requested]
Charr script 10.png
[verification requested]
6 7 8 9 10
Diagonal to the right
A Carved Path symbol 6.png A Carved Path symbol 3.png A Carved Path symbol 8.png A Carved Path symbol 2.png
Charr homelands
Human settlement



Charr Trail Signs.jpg
  • Although during Shoulder to Shoulder the commander is asked to interpret the marking, the tree itself it does not match the description.

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