Champion Jotun Magekiller

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Champion Jotun Magekiller

Champion Jotun Magekiller is found in Theign Spiritwalk in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. It is the main foe of the group event Kill the jotun abomination destroying the Priory camp.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Throws Weapon
  • Knocks Down
  • Launches

[verification requested]

  • Recovers thrown weapon. Plays a pickup animation if next to the weapon on the floor, if he can't reach the weapon, plays unsheathe animation instead.
  • Slash - Simple cleave attack
  • Whirlwind - Multiple PBAoE melee hits.
  • Flurry - Multiple melee hits.
Redirect Arrow.png Throw Greatsword - Unblockable. Throws weapon and Knockdown.png knocks down. Used only if Flurry is interrupted.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Oversized Rucksack.png Oversized Rucksack Container FExotic 1