Champion Grawl High Shaman

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Champion Grawl High Shaman

Champion Grawl High Shamans are the strongest of Grawl Shamans.

In Apostate Wastes, the High Shaman will only appear accompanied by a Grawl Shaman Apprentice while the Nrocroc, Tarstar, and Wupwup tribes are working together against the Flame Legion, assisting in assaulting Atrox Castrum.

In the Edge of the Mists, it acts as the Keep Lord of the Overgrown Fane's Keep, along with two Elite Bound Earth Elementals. Initially it has an Eternal Bond buff, rendering it immune to damage.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

Fireheart Rise[edit]

  • Summons Totem
  • Knocksdown
  • Freezes
  • Heals Allies

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

Edge of the Mists[edit]

  • Poisons
  • Transforms foes
  • Koda's Armor.png Eternal Bond - Cannot be damaged while any bound elementals are alive.
  • Impale Impale - Spear your foes on a giant stone spike.
  • Magical Transformation Magical Transformation - Poisoned.png poisons and Transforms up to 8 players into rabbits for a small amount of time applying Disoriented.png Magical Transformation.
  • Ring of Earth Ring of Earth - Use the earth to launch yourself into the air and strike foes in a small radius. Deliver a larger ring of earthen spikes upon impact.
Stolen skills


All things are part of the same whole. As there is fire, so is there ice. As there is death, so is there life.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Embroidered Belt Pouch.png Embroidered Belt Pouch Container Exotic 1