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Honeycomb location.jpg

Location of the honeycomb to feed Blaine.

Blaine Winslow is a honey-loving human who has fallen down a well in Lakeside Bazaar. As a result, he is hungry and in need of food.




Bring me something sweet and sticky—that'd do the trick!
I. Am. Starving.
Got anything that I could use to keep these rats from chewing on me?
Man, I'm hungry...
Anybody up there? Hello?
Guys? It's Blaine! Get me outta here!
Hello? Anybody? Help!
I knew I should've gotten help for the sleepwalking.
I know you guys are busy, but could someone drop me a rope or something? Food, maybe?
Is it the White Mantle? A dragon? What's going on?
I've been down here for days! What's happening up there?
I warned everybody. "I've been sleepwalking. Please wake me up if you see me sleepwalking." And this is what happens?
Man, I'm hungry...
This is...not good. Not good at all.
What's a guy gotta do to get rescued from a well?


  • To feed Blaine, go to a tree north of Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint and head to the area right below the letter "G" in "Eastern Hunting Grounds" on the map. Look for a tall tree that you have the option to kick; it will drop a honeycomb on the ground. Pick it up and return to Blaine. Feed him the honeycomb to get the achievement Well Fare.
  • There are other trees that you are able to kick, but only one drops a honeycomb on the ground.
  • After feeding him you cannot interact with Blaine again.


  • Several days after feeding Blaine, the player will receive the following mail:

Blaine Winslow


Dear <Character name>,
It's been some time, hasn't it? Remember me? It's Blaine! From the well!

Things are going great for me down here. Not only did I stay safe in the White Mantle attack, but I'm making quite a life for myself in the well. Event adopted a pet rat! His name is Nibbles. He'll warm up to me soon, I just know it.

Best regards,


PS: I go by Blaine now. Figure its more appropriate for a man of my age.

  • The mail is sent only once to the first character that is logged into that is level 80, and may not necessarily be the one that fed Blaine. [verification requested]
  • A week or so later, there is another letter:

Archduke Blaine Winslow


Dear <Character name>,
It was a sad day today in Winslow Manor. We had to bid farewell to our dear, beloved Mr. Nibbles. When he left us, he took a piece of me with him—specifically, one of my toes. But the domain soldiers on nonetheless. I'm even thinking of planting a garden!

All my best to you and yours,

—Lord Blaine, Archduke of the Well of Winslow

  • After another week:

Prince Blaine Winslow


Dear <Character name>,

I hope all is well with you. Big update from the Well Kingdom of Winslow: I've recently amassed a new court. Before you ask, yes, they are rats. They're not the most talkative bunch, but they don't talk back to their regent, and that's what counts. The garden never worked out, so I've moved my efforts over to armoring. The Kingdom of Winslow endures.

—Lord Blaine, Prince of Winslow

  • After another week:

King Blaine Winslow


Dear <Character name>,

I've finally achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a king. I'm still down here in the well, but surely my subjects above wouldn't forget about me, would they? I'll need some help when I make my grand emergence—it's been so long since I've seen light that I don't think my eyes, you know, function anymore. Make the appropriate arrangements for your lord, won't you?

—His Majesty King Blaine, Regent of Winslow Well