Binding Blade (effect)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the effect. For the guardian greatsword skill that causes it, see Binding Blade.
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Binding Blade

Effect type
Game link
Inflicts damage over time. Activate Blinding
Blade to pull foes to you.

— In-game description

Binding Blade is an effect that deals damage every second. It's caused by Binding Blade, a guardian greatsword skill, and can be consumed to pull affected enemies to the user.


The description incorrectly says foes are pulled by activating Binding Blade rather than its sequence skill, Pull.
  • This effect cannot be applied to epic rank foes.
  • This effect lasts for 10 seconds, but will immediately end on an enemy if they move more than 600 units away from the guardian.
  • If the guardian uses the "Pull" sequence skill, it will remove this effect from all affected enemies.