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Apple Jack


Interactive map

Apple Jack sells apples at a stand in Cornucopian Fields, just north of the Cornucopian Fields Waypoint, and next to the merchant Helena. He has a dog named Duke.



Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Apple.png Apple Crafting material Basic 16 Copper coin


You look hungry. Want an apple? Duke and I pick them. He never messes with them. Well, not the good one's anyway. We even have special ones that Miss T covers with caramel.
Talk merchant tango.png I'll take a look.
Talk more option tango.png Who's Miss T?
She's nice. She said I could have as many apples as I could pick up. Some of the apples are squishy, but Duke likes those ones. He's the best.
Talk merchant tango.png Tasty. Let's see what you've got.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds nice. Good talk, kid.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe another time.


  • Applejack is an alcoholic beverage made from apples.
  • Milton Book is the Renown Heart vendor a short walk to the north-west of Applejack and sells apples (x25) in exchange for a small amount of karma. It is far cheaper to buy apples from Milton.