Mysterious Present

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Mysterious Present

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Special event

Mysterious Presents are objects that spawn during Wintersday 2012. They can be found in any zone and are indicated by
Event Wintersday.png
on the minimap. They were allegedly dropped across Tyria by a certain airship. There is one Mysterious Present for each area of the zone and they respawn after approximately 5 minutes. Interacting using the Unwrap action will cause it to explode, pushing you and then launching you back. This will spawn presents. The present will contain 0-3 presents with 1-2 presents being more common than getting three or none. There is also a chance foes will spawn from the present, which include toys produced at Tixx's Infinirarium. Killing the toys that spawn will contribute Buster of the Busted. Presents can be picked up once by everyone around, giving a Wintersday Gift.


There is a chance that a group of foes spawns when the present explodes. Their level scales with the area, being 2 less than the effective level of the player who opened the present. Possible groups are:


  • The skritt spawning from the present are hostile against other foes, including their own team members when a mixed group spawns.
There are a few presents that are bugged so that the spawned foes are many levels higher than expected for the area. For example, the Present that is located just south of the Blackblade Waypoint in Diessa Plateau spawns level 69 enemies.

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