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Conquest is a structured PvP game mode. In Conquest, the players are placed in two teams, and must capture objectives and important locations.


  • 1 point is gained every 2 seconds per location captured
  • 5 points are awarded for each player kill
Map specific objectives
  • Forest of Niflhel has two NPCs, Svanir and Chieftain Utahein, that rewards 25 points to the player's team when killed and a short +50 buff to the team's stats.
  • Legacy of the Foefire has a Guild Lord that is positioned behind the waypoint of each team and rewards 150 points when killed. He is guarded by two Soldiers and two casters.
  • Spirit Watch awards 30 points for each soul orb ascended on a capture point owned by the carrier's team, or if ascended on a capture point now owned by the carrier's team, the orb is worth 15 points.
  • Temple of the Silent Storm has 2 Meditation spots which award a buff that increases a team score from kills, one that doubles a team's points gained from captured points, and a fourth that gives control of all capture points to the player's team.

List of maps[edit]

List of historical maps


  • The concept of Conquest mode came from the idea of including lots of environmental objects in the map which can be used for cover or destroyed like in the Battle of Kyhlo map.