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Watertight Bag

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Watertight Bag.png

Watertight Bag

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to open.

— In-game description

Watertight Bags are champion loot bags found in fishing holes.


Gathered from[edit]


This achievement rewards items. Troubles from the Deep Seitung Province 2Achievement points
Successfully complete events involving the naga and Unchained in Seitung Province.The duality of water is reflected in Cantha's seas. They nurture the land's inhabitants with food sources and trade routes, yet harbor threats of naga and Unchained Risen within their depths.
  • Tier
1: Writ of Seitung Province.png Writ of Seitung Province
  • Tier
2: Watertight Bag.png Watertight Bag

Objectives: 6 objectives in total
  • Defend the Ministry forces retaking Usoku's Watchtower.
  • Gather supplies and defend the tech as they repair the North Peninsula fallen mech.
  • Disrupt the Unchained ritual in North Peninsula.
  • Defend and repair the Haiju Cove water purifiers.
  • Defend the village's supplies from naga raiders in the Eastern Wilds.
  • Defeat the naga tide priest in the Eastern Wilds.
3 Events Successful 1Achievement points
6 Events Successful 1Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Ocean-Fresh Sashimi New Kaineng City 3Achievement points
Help Sakda and Miju complete their deliveries in New Kaineng.
  • Tier
1: Writ of New Kaineng City.png Writ of New Kaineng City
  • Tier
2: Watertight Bag.png Watertight Bag

Objectives: 2 objectives in total
  • Complete the North Delivery Event
  • Complete the South Delivery Event
1 Events Successful 1Achievement points
2 Events Successful 2Achievement points


  • Silver coin11 Silver coin 41 Copper coin


  • Drop rate research can be found here.