Verata's Armor Recipe Book

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Sinister Armor Recipe Book.png

Verata's Armor Recipe Book

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to choose a recipe for crafting gear with the Sinister stat combination.

— In-game description


Gathered from[edit]

Dropped by[edit]

NPC Level Rank Locations Quantity
Champion Mordrem Husk Copper 80 Champion Southeastern Silverwastes (The Silverwastes) 1
Champion Mordrem Teragriff Gold 80 Champion Central Silverwastes (The Silverwastes) 1
Champion Mordrem Teragriff Silver 80 Champion Central Silverwastes (The Silverwastes) 1
Champion Mordrem Thrasher Platinum 80 Champion Northwestern Silverwastes (The Silverwastes) 1
Champion Mordrem Troll Iron 80 Champion Southwestern Silverwastes (The Silverwastes) 1



Recipe name TP buy price TP sell price
Recipe: Verata's Visor
Recipe: Verata's Pauldrons
Recipe: Verata's Breastplate
Recipe: Verata's Warfists
Recipe: Verata's Tassets
Recipe: Verata's Greaves
Recipe: Verata's Visage
Recipe: Verata's Shoulderguard
Recipe: Verata's Guise
Recipe: Verata's Grips
Recipe: Verata's Leggings
Recipe: Verata's Striders
Recipe: Verata's Masque
Recipe: Verata's Epaulets
Recipe: Verata's Doublet
Recipe: Verata's Wristguards
Recipe: Verata's Breeches
Recipe: Verata's Footwear
Recipe: Sinister Draconic Boots
Recipe: Sinister Draconic Coat
Recipe: Sinister Draconic Gauntlets
Recipe: Sinister Draconic Helm
Recipe: Sinister Draconic Legs
Recipe: Sinister Draconic Pauldrons
Recipe: Sinister Emblazoned Boots
Recipe: Sinister Emblazoned Coat
Recipe: Sinister Emblazoned Gloves
Recipe: Sinister Emblazoned Helm
Recipe: Sinister Emblazoned Pants
Recipe: Sinister Emblazoned Shoulders
Recipe: Sinister Exalted Boots
Recipe: Sinister Exalted Coat
Recipe: Sinister Exalted Gloves
Recipe: Sinister Exalted Masque
Recipe: Sinister Exalted Pants
Recipe: Sinister Exalted Mantle