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Magic isn't always predictable, Captain. We must accept the thunder along with the rain.

— Verahd

Verahd was an elementalist crewmate of Isaye. He was thin to the point of fragility, tall, with long fingers that resembled a bird's talons, and wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses perched on his nose. Red-streaked brown hair hung in thin strands around his head and shoulders, half-covering the man's narrow face. He did not wear a bright robe, but instead wrapped himself from head to toe in strange, bandage-like strips of black and green fabric, with each strip embroidered with magical sigils of power.

According to Cobiah Marriner, he was astonishingly powerful. He served aboard the Pride after aiding in the defeat of the Harbinger, and then later aboard the Nomad with Isaye. Although reflective and often very strange, Verahd had a mind to rival that of an asura, was singularly loyal, and unwaveringly brave. His intelligence helped Macha develop the sextant, but it was his loyalty that cost him his life, as he boarded the burning wreckage of the Nomad after an assassination attempt, in order to rescue Cobiah and Isaye.