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Hi I have bean playing Guild Wars since March 2006. And I'm Looking forward to Guild Wars 2. I personally can't wait to play all the races in the new Tyria. I also can't wait for all the cool music. What am I saying I can't wait for every thing.

Lilith Be Gone

Order of Whispers

Plans for My Avatars in Guild Wars 2:

  • My main will be Lilith Be Gone. She will be a human Krytan Gentry Necromancer.
  • Second will be Alia Dreamtaker who will also be human but will be Ascalonian Commoner Mesmer.
  • Third I will have My cut little asura. I'm not sure what she is going to be yet.
  • Fourth I'll have a charr but I'm not sure about what he/she is going to be.
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