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East Durham, England



Playing GW1 since

Around Feb 2006

Playing GW2 since

The Pointless
Hadrian Stinger
Sigmund Beckett
Ryuichi Amano
Doctor Kunio Yagami
Susumu Horai
Onuris Hapu
(among others...)
Warrior icon small.png The Pointless
Thief icon small.png Richie Stacker
Mesmer icon small.png Hilda Cherrybomb
Engineer icon small.png Klassi
Something goes here. When I figure out what, it will.

Until then, this can serve as a placeholder and hold the bottom inner border in place until I can figure out how to keep it there without excess text. :P

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Raven, clever and wise, guides us with truths that others fear. He bestows a far-seeing clarity of mind. In my vision, he spoke of riddles and opened my eyes to secrets that few others can see. When this user was still a kid, they had a vision. A Spirit of the Wild spoke to them and offered its guardianship. That Spirit was Raven.
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