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Shinra Guardian, also known as Cloud Sefiroth, is a 19 year old male from Rhode Island, United States. He picked up the original Guild Wars in 2006 at which time he started his Elementalist (Cloud Sefiroth) and annoyed his friends with his constant disconnects due to poor wireless internet. He purchased Eye of the North on its release, followed shortly after by Nightfall and finally Factions a few months later.

In each campaign (including Eye of the North) he spent most of his time running around on his elementalist using his patented bow build consisting of Conjure Flame, Fire Storm, Crippling Shot, and his trusty Melandru Stalker, Whiskers. In 2009, he decided to take a more serious route in Guild Wars to prepare for the release of Guild Wars 2. He picked up his dervish and began his quest for 30/50 in the Hall of Monuments, a feat he is still working towards to this day.

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