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Testing out various name listing styles for the ArenaNet staff page. Page made in light of the discussion here on the talk page.

<First Last> (alphabetical by last)[edit]

* Pro: Doesn't need formatting. Follows the wiki's standard list format.
* Con: Looks sloppy at a glance, alphabetization mistakes hard to spot, easy to make (found ~4-5 in making this list)

<First Last> (alphabetical by first)[edit]

* Pro: Organization scheme clear, easy up-keep and no dealing with alphabetizing strange middle names.
* Con: Sorting by first name for Person Names is a bit unusual, except on wikis, apparently.

<Last, First> (alphabetical by last)[edit]

* Pro: Organization scheme clear, uses what could be considered an expected "roll-call" format for names. Easy to spot alphabetization errors.
* Con: Formatting is annoying, time consuming, formatting differs from other lists the wiki has. (Granted, most names on the wiki are names of non-real entities)
Also, formatting weird middle names/half middle names is hard/mistaken prone.

<Last, First> (alphabetical by First)[edit]

  • No.