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Messenger is an ex-Guild Wars player and an ex-World of Warcraft. In Guild Wars 2, he has found what he considers the best made MMORPG he has ever played. He has been playing since its launch and continues to this day.

Learning from his altaholic experiences in both GW1 and WoW, he intended to limit himself to just three characters so that he can properly work on the progression and development of each one rather than scattering his time, energy and resources among many different characters without any of them amounting to anything. However, learning that Charr were the most under-represented race in the game according to "Guild Wars 2: The First Year"[1], he created a fourth character.

His toons are:

He is primarily an open world and Story Journal PvE-er, but does WvW for his dailies. He tries to get all his characters through the Story Journal, including all Living Story updates.

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