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Iteration 39

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Menehune, AKA Mike, is an American expat of Japanese decent living in Germany. He is an IT dinosaur and is well above the average age for gamers. The first computer game he ever played was a text based dungeon adventure, Collosal Caverns, played on a Honeywell mini-computer. He's been playing Guild Wars since November 2009, has about 1,800 hours on the GW clock across nine characters (over 90% from 3 characters including a perma-pre, the others were relegated to mule status shortly after the tutorial) and still averages around 2 hours per week. In spite of that, he only has 11 HoM points (as of 27 Sept. 2011), but that's ok since it's more than enough for the orange tabby cat. Additional points would be nice, but by no means is any special effort being made to get more points.

While not a serious role player, Menehune does like to create stories and personalities for his characters. These character stories are usually quite simple, but an exceptional game like GW2 deserves an exceptional effort (though the result probably won't seem like anything special to others).

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The House of Menehune[edit]


The House of Menehune was founded by Maiki* Menehune several years after the events of Guild Wars.

House Menehune is made up of more than just blood decendents of Maiki. Non-relatives, including individuals of other races, make up more than half of the members of the Menehune Household. Such non-related members generally hold positions of responsibility such as Household Treasurer, officers of the Household Guard, overseers/foremen and trade repesentatives.

(more historical back story to be added later)

  • retcon: Maiki is the name of a GW alt whereas Maile is the name of my main. Changed this as Maile is better suited for a sylvari character.


(Initial thoughts. Names and more details to be added as I think of them. Also toying with the idea of giving each character their own page and at least outlining their personal stories there as they unfold. Hmpf! That alone would be tons more effort than I've ever put into my characters. Hard to see that happening though. Every minute I spend on that is a minute less playing the game.)

character 1: Maiki Menehune

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png human/noble/elementalist

matrilineal decendant of GW main character, but from younger daughters. Not direct heiress.

character 2:

Ranger tango icon 20px.png human/commoner/ranger

character 3: Kalama ad Menehune

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png sylvari/spring(dusk)/elementalist

character 4: Maile ad Menehune

Ranger tango icon 20px.png sylvari/autumn(night)/ranger

character 5:

Engineer tango icon 20px.png asura/synergetics/engineer

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