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The United Ooze is a large ooze that can only be encountered in Citadel of Flame (explorable) during the optional objective "Slay the oppressive Ooze Royalty", accessible during Paths 1 (Ferrah) and 3 (Rhiannon).

Once the Ooze King and the Ooze Queen have been reduced to 50% health, they will go invulnerable and disappear. Then, the United Ooze will appear. It summons minion oozes throughout the fight and has a decent health pool.



  • Event boss (tango icon).png Slay the oppressive Ooze Royalty
    • Kill the King Ooze
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Kill the Queen Ooze
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Kill the United Ooze
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
Getting there
Getting there from Path 1
  • This event can be accessed from both Path 1, and Path 3.
    • Path 1 (Ferrah): Jump down a set of ledges (pictured to the right) to the left of the bridge before the room with the engineer.
    • Path 3 (Rhiannon): There is a corridor at the bottom of the room with the 3 torches that need to be lit at the same time. It is filled with elite Oozes.
  • Follow the path to the right up the spiral incline filled with groups of elite oozes. It is highly recommended to kill the oozes in single groups, as too many will overwhelm you and cause a wipe. The groups as they are aren't typically an issue for most groups. The oozes immobilize, burn, and do moderate amounts of damage, but are generally pretty easy to defeat.
Slay the oppressive Ooze Royalty
  • Once you reach the top you will see two champions, a King Ooze and a Queen Ooze. It is best to kill the King Ooze first. The King Ooze has a 3 bounce knockback ability that has a very obvious windup animation. When he is about to perform his knock back he will swell up and start to glow. When this happens it is best to not have your back to the far ledge as you will die if you fall off and do not have fall damage reduction traits. It is also advised to dodge this attack as often as possible because taking all 3 bounces at once will do a lot of damage. Once the King Ooze reaches 50% HP he will become invulnerable and will go back to the center of the room and despawn.
  • Now you will have to kill the Queen Ooze. She is much easier and only has one major attack. She will periodically root a player in place and cause AoE damage at that location. This damage is relatively trivial, so don't worry about it too much. As with the King Ooze, the Queen will also become invulnerable and despawn at 50% HP.
  • Once the King and Queen Oozes are both defeated they will fuse together and become a legendary United Ooze. The United Ooze will do the same knockback bouncing attack as the King, as well as the same immobilize and AoE damage as the Queen. The United Ooze will also spawn normal Ooze mobs that will do moderate single target and AoE damage. This fight is relatively straight forward. Avoid the bounce attack that has the same windup animation as the King Ooze's, bring stun breakers for the immobilize, and try not to let the normal mobs overwhelm the group.
  • Once the fight is over a chest will spawn in the middle of the platform.
  • Path 1: Take the Molten Foundry Waypoint near where you defeated the slave driver.
  • Path 3: Go back down the corridor that you used to enter.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Immobilizes
  • DefianceDefiance bar teal.png
  • Ooze Multi - Channeled melee attack that hits 4 times.
  • Ooze Mace - Melee attack that deals extra damage.
  • Burst - Point Blank AoE attack that Launch.png Launches.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Slime-Covered Strongbox.png Slime-Covered Strongbox Container Exotic 1


  • The Champion Royal Ooze Jelly will despawn after the boss is killed.