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Toumal is an Order of Whispers agent found at Shelter Docks.



My heart tells me that I was born for this fight, and yet when faced with it, I feel like a small reed whipping against a mountain. How can I fight against it without breaking?
By binding together, we become stronger.
That is what my shield-sister says as well, but what's truth for her is only theory for me. Still, I suppose I can harbor faith where I lack certainty.
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Good luck to you.
Might as well offer your neck to Zhaitan now.
The very thought fills my heart with thorns. Zhaitan will have no part of...listen to me. By reflex. I found what reflection kept hidden from me. I will stand tall. I was made for this battle.
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There you go, soldier. Keep thinking like that.
You are no mere reed, friend. Trust me.
Thank you. That you would take the time to cater to my insecurities gives me mixed feelings. Though I believe experience is what I need now, not word.
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That may be. Good luck to you.
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Sounds like you have a few things to sort out.
During Complete Pact training on Orrian history
Oh, I know this one. Excuse me, I need to concentrate on this question.
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Do your best.


The unknown wilts in your shadow.