The Moot (skin)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skin unlocked in the wardrobe. For the weapon, see The Moot.
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The Moot

Skin type
Legendary weapons
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The Moot is a Legendary weapon skin.



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  • While drawn, the head of The Moot will light up and reflect light, causing a disco ball esque graphic.
  • While drawn, the three figures start rotating and red, yellow and blue lights appear in the circular section under the figures and near the base of the mace.
  • Balls of color and light appear and rotate around the user when drawn.
  • When drawn, the wielders body gains an aura of white sparkliness similar to the head of the mace.
  • Trumpet bells on the shaft are animated and go in and out like they're being played while drawn.
  • When trumpets animate, they spray a small confetti shower of colored light particles.
  • When The Moot hits an enemy, confetti and swirls will appear around the target, and the sound of fireworks are heard.
  • The user leaves footprints of colorful lighted squares like that of a dance floor.
  • The 'disco ball' part of The Moot will display an image of the area you are in from a birds-eye view.
  • The 'Disco ball' part of The Moot now radiates rainbow-like colors while unsheathed.