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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skin unlocked in the wardrobe. For the weapon, see Sunrise.


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Legendary weapons
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Sunrise is a Legendary weapon skin.



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Sunrise's blade can be best described as a window into the sky during sunrise, animated as though it was peeking into an ingame skybox. It has the following additional graphical effects:

  • Moving or swinging your weapon leaves a painterly afterimage. This trail also acts as a window into the sky just as the blade does.
  • The player's body is surrounded with a soft blue aura while drawn.
  • Blue sparkles pop off the player's body while drawn.
  • The weapon gives off a short burst of light when drawn.
  • The player's footsteps leave a window into the sky at sunrise on the ground.
  • Blade
    • The blade is surrounded with a soft aura while drawn. The aura's color reflects the blade's color.
    • Animated prismatic flares appear behind the blade while drawn.
    • Yellow sparkles pop off the blade while drawn.
    • The blade's edge is a painterly design whose texture shifts and rotates around the blade.
    • Spiked yellow glow at the base of the blade which moves from one side to the other.
  • Mirror Blade, Binding Blade, Bladetrail, Throw Rock, Whirling Wrath and Crippling Throw are altered slightly. The player throws Sunrise rather than the default thrown projectiles.