Scholar Sigga

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Scholar Sigga is at Afgar's Steading. She's taking a break from Priory work.



It's good to have a moment away from Priory work. I normally consider myself a hardly individual. I'm not easily worn down. But if it weren't for this steading, the stress would crack me like an egg.
You look strong to me. I bet you can handle it.
Ha, you're right! I can. Though it's mental strength I need, not physical. Being a scholar is draining. But I can handle it! I just needed a break.
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Good to hear.
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I don't blame you. This region doesn't seem very safe.
Oh, that's not the problem. Dealing with jotun and minotaurs and whatnot is a welcome break in my day! It's all this studying and organizing and calculating. I can't take the pressure.
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Maybe you shouldn't have become a scholar.
Don't get me wrong, I'm smart. I can do all this stuff. There's just a lot of it. People don't realize that mental exertion can wear you down just like physical exertion. Good thing I can come here and grab an ale.
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Good thing. Good-bye.
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Quit complaining, and get back to relaxing.
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You're lucky the steading's here, then.