Protect the Vigil team as they journey deep into Mole's Head

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Protect the Vigil team as they journey deep into Mole's Head

Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the Vigil team as they journey deep into Mole's Head is a level 51 event that starts in Firth of Revanion, goes through Challdar Gorges and ends in Mole's Head. The NPCs start it from the Vigil camp next to the nearby Firthside Vigil Waypoint.


  • Escort the Vigil team.
  • Revive the Vigil team. (if one or more of the Vigil team is defeated)


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 4,065 Experience.png 248 Karma 58 Copper coin
Silver 3,455 Experience.png 211 Karma 49 Copper coin
Bronze 3,049 Experience.png 186 Karma 43 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 51 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event start
Auga Shiverstep: I'm telling you there may still be dredge alive in there!
Crusader Cale: We should search for survivors. I wouldn't mind examining the architecture of the dredge. It's very unique.
Crusader Kallie: The Orrians wouldn't have left any survivors. Mole's Head will be swarming with those creatures, and empty of dredge.
Crusader Cale: We should do what we can, even if all that we can do for the dredge now is to rid their home of their cursed invaders.
Auga Shiverstep: Exactly! Let's head in and see if there's a place suitable for a base camp.
During escort
Auga Shiverstep: I've never seen so many vile Orrians in one place.
Crusader Cale: It is curious that so many would remain massed together. Perhaps they are guarding something of value to them?
Auga Shiverstep: They value nothing but death, and we'll bring that to them.
Crusader Kallie: I've got a bad feeling about this place. It reeks of decay. I doubt we're going to find any survivors.
Auga Shiverstep: Always the pessimist! Even if we don't find dredge alive, we can still drive out the undead.
Crusader Cale: I hear something. I think we've got trouble coming our way.
Crusader Kallie: Yes, from both sides! Protect yourselves!
Crusader Kallie: You've gotten us lost, haven't you?
Auga Shiverstep: Nonsense! We just need to go up a bit farther and I'm sure we'll find a suitable location for our base camp.
Crusader Kallie: Oh, I see. Just a little deeper into this cave of death. Remind me again why I listen to you?
Auga Shiverstep: You listen to me because you have to! Enough talk, let's press on.
Event completion
Auga Shiverstep: This place looks promising. Let's set up camp here!
Crusader Cale: I'm not certain I'd term it promising. Somewhat less dangerous seems more apt. There are still plenty of Orrians shambling about.
Crusader Kallie: Orrians that will kill any living thing they see. I still find it hard to believe any dredge could be alive in here.
Auga Shiverstep: Nonetheless, we must do our best to help any creature in need, especially those under threat from dragon minions.


  • While this event can be completed with a single player, the number of attacking enemies at some point can become overwhelming.