Protect the Vigil tents from Orrian attackers

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Protect the Vigil tents from Orrian attackers

Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the Vigil tents from Orrian attackers is a level 52 dynamic event that occurs in Mole's Head.


  • Vigil tents remaining: 3
  • Time remaining: 6:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 4,286 Experience.png 252 Karma 59 Copper coin
Silver 3,643 Experience.png 215 Karma 50 Copper coin
Bronze 3,214 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 52 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Event start
Auga Shiverstep: The Orrians might be amassing again.
Crusader Kallie: Your feeling that there could be dredge survivors led us into these cursed tunnels to begin with.
Crusader Cale: True, though it also seems likely that the Orrians are returning. They never stay away for long.
Auga Shiverstep: Protect the camp! We can't afford to be pushed out after fighting so hard.
Event success
Crusader Kallie: They seem to be retreating, for now at least. This plan of yours was the height of idiocy.
Crusader Cale: Our location does seem to have many drawbacks. Perhaps we have erred.
Auga Shiverstep: Enough! They keep coming because this place is important to them. They won't drive us from here.
Event failure
Auga Shiverstep: We're overrun! Retreat and save yourselves!


It is extremely important to concentrate on protecting the 3 tents (not the NPCs):

  • The tents are quite fragile and are destroyed quickly. The attacks last 6 minutes, and every bit of tent health counts.
  • Attacks can come from 2 or 3 sides simultaneously
  • Enemies can use ranged attacks on the tents (watch out for those enemies that are further away as well)
  • Enemies can spawn just behind the tents
  • Three players or more could be needed to successfully complete this event. Ranged and AoE attacks are needed.