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Primeval Surveyor's Chest

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Primeval Surveyor's Chest

Buried Treasure (object).jpg

Sulfur Quarry
(The Desolation)
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Found on a rocky outcrop beneath the top of the plateau.

Primeval Surveyor's Chest map 2.jpg

Possible route from The Bonestrand Waypoint using Sand Portals

The Primeval Surveyor's Chest is an object found in the Sulfur Quarry on a cliff surrounded by a Veteran Sulfur-Crazed Harpy Matriarch and her brood of Young Sulfur-Crazed Harpies. The shortest way to get to the area is from Waypoint (map icon).png The Darklands Waypoint and using a Springer to jump on a ridge west of waypoint, head north along the ridge and take a path west from Sandstrewn Shrine. When you reach the spot, just drop down and glide to the chest. Alternatively, there is also a Sand Portal on a nearby plateau to the northeast that will get you up to the level where this chest is located.


Crystal Desert


If The Collection of Tribute is active and the Imperial Cadastral Suite has not yet been unlocked


  • This chest can be opened once per day per character, thus it is possible to open it with alt characters and speed up the collection.