Merchant (Mistlock Sanctuary)/Crucible of Eternity

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This page shows all items offered by the dungeon merchant in Mistlock Sanctuary that are related to the Crucible of Eternity dungeon.

Available prefixes[edit]

Each weapon and each armor piece is available with three possible attribute combinations:

Prefix Major attribute(s) Minor attribute(s)
Berserker's Power.png Power Precision.png Precision
Ferocity.png Ferocity
Rampager's Precision.png Precision Power.png Power
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
Dire Condition Damage.png Condition Damage Toughness.png Toughness
Vitality.png Vitality

Items offered[edit]

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Rare armor[edit]

Item Rarity Cost
Powerful Potion of Inquest Slaying.png Powerful Potion of Inquest Slaying Fine Knowledge Crystal.png
Minor Rune of the Golemancer.png Minor Rune of the Golemancer Masterwork 10 Knowledge Crystal.png
Major Rune of the Golemancer.png Major Rune of the Golemancer Rare 30 Knowledge Crystal.png
Superior Rune of the Golemancer.png Superior Rune of the Golemancer Exotic 120 Knowledge Crystal.png
Fiery Tonic.png Sinister Automatonic Rare 10 Knowledge Crystal.png
Recipe sheet rare consumable 1.png Recipe: Extended Potion of Inquest Slaying Rare 400 Knowledge Crystal.png
Cabalist Hood.png Cabalist Hood Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Cabalist Shoulders.png Cabalist Shoulders Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Cabalist Coat.png Cabalist Coat Rare 50 Knowledge Crystals
Cabalist Gloves.png Cabalist Gloves Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Cabalist Legs.png Cabalist Legs Rare 40 Knowledge Crystals
Cabalist Boots.png Cabalist Boots Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Privateer Hat.png Privateer Hat Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Privateer Shoulders.png Privateer Shoulders Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Privateer Coat.png Privateer Coat Rare 50 Knowledge Crystals
Privateer Gloves.png Privateer Gloves Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Privateer Pants.png Privateer Pants Rare 40 Knowledge Crystals
Privateer Boots.png Privateer Boots Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Reinforced Scale Helm.png Reinforced Scale Helm Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Reinforced Scale Pauldrons.png Reinforced Scale Pauldrons Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Reinforced Scale Coat.png Reinforced Scale Coat Rare 50 Knowledge Crystals
Reinforced Scale Gauntlets.png Reinforced Scale Gauntlets Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals
Reinforced Scale Legs.png Reinforced Scale Legs Rare 40 Knowledge Crystals
Reinforced Scale Boots.png Reinforced Scale Boots Rare 30 Knowledge Crystals

Exotic armor[edit]

Item Rarity Cost
Inquest Circlets.png Inquest Circlets Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Mantle.png Inquest Mantle Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Vest.png Inquest Vest Exotic 330 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Wraps.png Inquest Wraps Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Breeches.png Inquest Breeches Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Shoes.png Inquest Shoes Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Hood.png Inquest Hood Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Shoulders.png Inquest Shoulders Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Guise.png Inquest Guise Exotic 330 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Bracers.png Inquest Bracers Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Leggings.png Inquest Leggings Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Boots.png Inquest Boots Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Helm.png Inquest Helm Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Pauldrons.png Inquest Pauldrons Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Breastplate.png Inquest Breastplate Exotic 330 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Gauntlets.png Inquest Gauntlets Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Legguards.png Inquest Legguards Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Greaves.png Inquest Greaves Exotic 180 Knowledge Crystal.png

Exotic weapons[edit]

Item Rarity Cost
Minor Sigil of Mad Scientists.png Minor Sigil of Mad Scientists Masterwork 10 Knowledge Crystal.png
Major Sigil of Mad Scientists.png Major Sigil of Mad Scientists Rare 50 Knowledge Crystal.png
Superior Sigil of Mad Scientists.png Superior Sigil of Mad Scientists Exotic 150 Knowledge Crystal.png
Offering of Knowledge.png Offering of Knowledge Exotic 200 Knowledge Crystal.png
Gift of Knowledge.png Gift of Knowledge Legendary 500 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Axe.png Inquest Axe Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Dagger.png Inquest Dagger Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Focus.png Inquest Focus Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Greatsword.png Inquest Greatsword Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Hammer.png Inquest Hammer Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Harpoon.png Inquest Harpoon Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Longbow.png Inquest Longbow Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Mace.png Inquest Mace Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Pistol.png Inquest Pistol Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Rifle.png Inquest Rifle Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Scepter.png Inquest Scepter Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Shield.png Inquest Shield Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Short Bow.png Inquest Short Bow Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Speargun.png Inquest Speargun Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Staff.png Inquest Staff Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Sword.png Inquest Sword Exotic 300 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Torch.png Inquest Torch Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Trident.png Inquest Trident Exotic 390 Knowledge Crystal.png
Inquest Warhorn.png Inquest Warhorn Exotic 210 Knowledge Crystal.png


  • The total cost of one rare armor set is 210 Knowledge Crystals.
  • The total cost of one exotic armor set is 1,380 Knowledge Crystals.
  • All armor skins cost 4,140 Knowledge Crystals in total.
  • All weapon skins cost 6,150 Knowledge Crystals in total.