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Itzel Scout

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the generic NPCs. For the scout, see Itzel Scout (scout).

Itzel Scouts are hylek of the Itzel tribe that wield bows in combat.


Heart of Maguuma

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Evades Ranged Attacks
  • Teleports
  • Stealths


Without Itzel Language mastery
(croak) (warble) (croak)
Talk end option tango.png I'm sorry. I don't understand you.
By the vista in Blighted Depths
It's good to have new allies. Our people have known so few friends here.
Talk more option tango.png You Itzel seem more suited to jungle life than the hylek I knew back east.
We know nothing of our distant cousins. Before our friends the Nuhoch arrived here, we had forgotten there were other hylek. I hope they are not all the Zintle fanatics.
Talk more option tango.png Things are tense between you and the Zintl, I take it?
Their beliefs are different from ours, but we tolerate them here as long as they don't attempt to force the issue. There are limits to our tolerance.
Talk end option tango.png I see. Take care.
Talk end option tango.png No, I haven't previously met hylek so...agressively evangelical.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.
At Treacherous Paths Waypoint
The kaana has spoken highly of you, outsider. May Ameyalli provide for your people as she has our own.
Talk more option tango.png Ameyalli—what we call Maguuma—is providing to be a challenge for us so far.
Your gliders seem to be helping your cause. You'll find it easier to move around here once you master the local jumping and speed-granting mushrooms. Watch out for areas poisoned by the Mordrem!
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the advice.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.
Above Brooding Gulch on the cliffs
Your people are bold to enter this jungle in these dark times. If only our Nuhoch cousins had such courage.
Talk more option tango.png Don't the Nuhoch fight alongside you?
They're fierce, strong fighters, but some of them grumble about striking out for new grounds if things keep getting worse here.
Talk more option tango.png And the Itzel would never consider leaving Maguuma?
Unlike the Nuhoch, this place is the only home we've ever known. This trouble will pass. After all, the jungle has provided us powerful new allies like you.
Talk end option tango.png I appreciate your faith in me.
Talk end option tango.png Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Talk end option tango.png Don't let Tizlak hear you talking like that, friend.


Your legs are strange. Can you jump?