Incomp Optics Researcher

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Incomp Optics Researcher


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Female version

Incomp Optics Researchers are mid-level krewe members employed by Incomp Optics. Their current project is the DEF-1250 golem.


Event involvement[edit]


Male only
Ah, what brings you to our neck of the swamp?
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This is a lab?
Not just "a" lab. Incomp Optics is THE lab. All the other krewes look on Incomp Optics with a combination of awe and jealousy. At least they would if they had the intelligence we here at Incomp Optics possess.
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Why are you so far from the other labs?
We used to occupy this tiny shack just outside Soren Draa, but we had to move upwind of the other labs. They exhaust a most malodorous scent. I don't know whether it's their materials or personnel.
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That's the reason you relocated?
We were also asked to move because apparently all our banging and clanging were keeping them up at night. But if you want to build the finest defensive golems in Tyria, you have to work round the clock.
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I'll leave you to your noisy work, then.
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Just seeing the sights. Good-bye.