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Hidden Reliquary Chest

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Hidden Reliquary Chest

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Hidden Reliquary
(Abaddon's Reliquary)

The ten Hidden Reliquary Chests are a daily reward found inside the Hidden Reliquary. If each of the gods' reliquaries have been cleansed (all hearts have been completed and a character on the account has completed the zone's story missions), players may open one chest for free, and may open another for Gold coin 50 Silver coin. Additional characters may open up to two chests per day as well, also after cleansing all reliquaries, but must pay for both chests.


Ruins of Orr



  • Drop rate research can be viewed here.
    • It appears that each of the 10 possible results is included in one of the 10 available chests each day giving each result a likelihood of approximately 10%.
  • The Orrian Shrine Power Grid does not need to be fully powered in order to unlock the vault.
  • The different results trigger unique dialogue from Queen Doran the Cheerful.
  • Obtaining 51 pearls is considered a jackpot. They will be received in two separate stacks, 50 and 1, prompting Queen Doran to express surprise at their apparent paucity: "One lonely pearl? That's all? I could've sworn there were more in there."
  • If you fall to your death inside the reliquary and are revived inside, you will no longer be able to open any chest. Leaving and returning alive fixes this.
  • Opening a chest shortly before daily reset may prevent the player from being allowed to open a second chest the following day.

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