Help Kiboz Rapideater herd cattle to Butcher's Block

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Help Kiboz Rapideater herd cattle to Butcher's Block

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help Kiboz Rapideater herd cattle to Butcher's Block is a level 16 event that occurs in Village of Butcher's Block.


  • Cows alive: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 647 Experience.png 90 Karma 21 Copper coin
Silver 550 Experience.png 77 Karma 18 Copper coin
Bronze 485 Experience.png 68 Karma 16 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 16 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before event, at Butcher's Block
Vaastas Meatslayer: Hey, we're running out of the good stuff. Go back to your ranch and get us more of that primo cattle.
Kiboz Rapideater: Not a problem, but they're gonna cost more than the previous bunch.
Vaastas Meatslayer: Are you trying to swindle me? Why has the price increased?
Kiboz Rapideater: The next group I bring will be even more delicious. So plump and tender, juicy and flavorful. I can taste it already. Can't you?
Vaastas Meatslayer: (growl) Go! Go get more meat! I don't care how much it costs!
Kiboz Rapideater: All right. (chuckle)
Before event, at Bovarin Estate
If event succeeded previously:
Kiboz Rapideater: You there! You like beef, right? How about you wrangle some cows. I need to make a delivery to Butcher's Block.
Perral Rapidfire: Is this for Meatoberfest? Again?
Kiboz Rapideater: You bet. We're making good coin on this deal. Don't let me hear any complaining.
Perral Rapidfire: It's unnatural to go through this much meat in such little time.
Kiboz Rapideater: Shut it, or I'll tell the drunkards you've got a problem with their holiday.
Perral Rapidfire: Fine. I'll get Stinky, Moolah, and a few of the others ready.
If event failed previously:
Kiboz Rapideater: I need more cattle. The last ones have gone to the Moo Mists. I ran into humans and wolves.
Perral Rapidfire: You lost Stinky and Moolah? How?
Kiboz Rapideater: I was jumped! I barely got away with my own tail.
Perral Rapidfire: And you're ready to risk more of the herd?
Kiboz Rapideater: We're gonna have bigger problems than a few dead cattle if I don't make that delivery.
Perral Rapidfire: You may've saved your tail out there, but I think you lost your backbone.
Kiboz Rapideater: (growl)
Event start
Perral Rapidfire: Come on! Hah! Hyah!
During escort
Kiboz Rapideater: Aw, mud. There are rebels in the area. Just what I needed.
Kiboz Rapideater: Hold it here, meat! I smell more of those humans around here.
Kiboz Rapideater: Get away from my meat!
At the Bovarin Estate
Perral Rapidfire: (snort) I can't believe we're slaughtering cattle for a made-up holiday. Meatoberfest is a joke.
Kiboz Rapideater: That should be the last distraction. We're almost there, meat!
Vaastas Meatslayer: Where's the meat? Bring on the meat!
Vaastas Meatslayer: Yeah! More meat!
Vaastas Meatslayer: What? This is all you brought?
Kiboz Rapideater: As requested.
Vaastas Meatslayer: Oh well. There's plenty to go around. This meat is going to be spectacular! Stick around for the celebration!
Kiboz Rapideater: Haha. I think I will. I earned it.
Event failure
Kiboz Rapideater: You're going to pay for that!
Kiboz Rapideater: They're all dead. (sigh) I can't deliver meat that's already been slaughtered.