Grim Machine Chest

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Grim Machine Chest.png

Grim Machine Chest

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to choose an account-bound reward.

— In-game description

Grim Machine Chest is a container which contains an account-bound Grim Machine weapon of the player's choice.


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. (Annual) Halloween Rituals Halloween Rituals 0Achievement points
Complete 9 Annual Halloween achievements. Achievement can be completed once every year.
  • Tier
1: Grim Machine Chest.png Grim Machine Chest
  • Tier
2: Clawing Shadow Greaves.png Clawing Shadow Greaves Box

5 Annual Halloween Achievements Completed 0Achievement points
9 Annual Halloween Achievements Completed 0Achievement points
This achievement resets every week on Monday.This achievement rewards items. (Weekly) Halloween Festivities Halloween Rituals 0Achievement points
Participate in the Mad King's Labyrinth, Halloween races, the Mad King's Clock Tower or Stopped Clock Tower, Mad King Says, and Ascent to Madness. Progress awarded varies based on the activity.Weekly achievement. Progress resets on Monday morning.
  • Tier
1: Candy Corn Cob.png Candy Corn Cob
  • Tier
2: Grim Machine Chest.png Grim Machine Chest
100 Points Earned 0Achievement points
200 Points Earned 0Achievement points