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— In-game description

Gambits are effects obtained by talking to the Master of Gambits in the Crown Pavilion.

There are seven gambits in total, each one providing a different challenge for the Queen's Gauntlet.


Gambit Effect
Gambit Exhausted.png Gambit: Exhausted Removed endurance for the entire fight.
Lava Font.png Gambit: On Fire Constant damage over time during the fight.
Hammer Bash (warrior skill).png Gambit: Frailty Opponents deal increased damage.
Heartseeker.png Gambit: Squeamish Decreased damage to opponents.
Hamstring.png Gambit: Hamstring Constant reduced movement speed during the fight.
Phantasmal Warden.png Gambit: Crowd Favorite Additional opponent during the fight.
Purify.png Gambit: Descended Reduces attributes by ~20%. [verification requested]


  • Stacks up to 7.
  • Selecting a gambit costs 1 Queen's Gauntlet Ticket. Once a gambit is selected, the Tickets cannot be refunded.