Fallen Angel Erod

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Fallen Angel Erod is a member of the Fallen Angels mourning the dead at the Stronghold of Ebonhawke's graveyard.



The people of Ebonhawke need to realize that they aren't alone. Humanity is being pushed into a corner and the Fields of Ruin isn't the only battlefront out there.
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How can you say that while looking at the graves of their dead?
Not just their dead, but mine, too. Good men and women that died for what they believed in. Their loss lessen all of us, but it proves we need to join together to help the living.
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A bit dramatic, but I get your meaning.
If human
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True. With the centaurs as
Divinity's gates and the dragons looming overhead, we have to start working together.
See there, that's what i'm
talking about. You're from Divinity, but you're doing more than just defending your home. Humanity needs more like you.
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And you. Take care.
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