Escort Order of Whispers agents to Jormabakke Stead

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Escort Order of Whispers agents to Jormabakke Stead

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort Order of Whispers agents to Jormabakke Stead is a level 24 event that occurs in Snowden Drifts.


  • Orders of Whispers alive: 5/5


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 985 Experience.png 126 Karma.png 29 Copper coin
Silver 838 Experience.png 108 Karma.png 25 Copper coin
Bronze 739 Experience.png 95 Karma.png 22 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 24 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Inside the Order of Whispers secret hideout
Agent Witta: I believe we have all the intelligence we need to begin the Jormabakke operation.
Agent Quinshaw: So you're saying we can finally take out those Svanir? Good.
Agent Witta: No, I'm saying we're well prepared for a preemptive strike on the Svanir holdings.
Event begin
Agent Toren: Our target is the Jormabakke dragon totem. We enter, destroy it, and abscond.
Agent Briathell: We should contract an external escort to run interference, keeping our own profile as low as possible.
During escort
Agent Briathell: Come along.
Agent Witta: I don't like this. We're operating far too openly. The risk of exposure...
Agent Bran: Oh, puny prey in front of me. It must be my birthday.
Agent Witta: I think I hear something...
Agent Toren: (whistle) What a view.
Event success
Agent Toren: We're here. Now the really dangerous part begins...