Destroy the dragon totem at Jormabakke Stead

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Destroy the dragon totem at Jormabakke Stead

Interactive map

Interactive map

Destroy the dragon totem at Jormabakke Stead is a level 24 event that takes place in Isenfall Gullies.



Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 985 Experience.png 126 Karma.png 29 Copper coin
Silver 838 Experience.png 108 Karma.png 25 Copper coin
Bronze 739 Experience.png 95 Karma.png 22 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 24 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


The NPCs tell you to concentrate on the totem, which has a lot of health. You have 5 minutes to destroy it. However, more enemies spawn fast with time. Your 5 NPC allies could die within 1-2 minutes and you can be left alone trying to destroy the totem and to fight around 10 Svanir. This is one of those events that should be labeled as a Group Event.





Event start
Agent Toren: Quick and quiet, now. Straight for the totem, and straight through any Svanir we find.
Agent Quinshaw: My kind of mission. Let's go.
Agent Quinshaw: Ha! I wonder which hurts the Svanir more-killing them, or breaking their idol?
Agent Witta: Focus on the totem, but don't go light on the Svanir. We need to survive this thing.
During the event
Veteran Svanir Shaman: We are under attack! Protect the totem until I complete the ritual!
Agent Bram: Faster, faster! That shaman's up to something. I can smell it.
Veteran Svanir Shaman: I call on the power of Dragon. I call on the fierceness of Dragon. I have carved away all excess to leave room for your strength.
Veteran Svanir Shaman: Feed, my friends! Appease your hatred with these interlopers!
Veteran Svanir Shaman: Hear me, Dragon! My words are not empty. Look on me, Dragon! My path is paved in destruction.
Veteran Svanir Shaman: Ahhhh. Yes! I feel the presence of Dragon! I open myself to receive your power!
Event failure
Veteran Svanir Shaman: Cretins! Now you shall face the full, unfettered power of the totem of Dragon!
Champion Icebrood Shaman: Yes! Yes! Yes! The world will fall!