Drive off the Inquest before they steal all of the LUM0009 golems

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Drive off the Inquest before they steal all of the LUM0009 golems

Interactive map

Interactive map

Drive off the Inquest before they steal all of the LUM0009 golems is a level 12 dynamic event that occurs in Luminates Plant.


  • LUM0009 golems stolen: x/3
  • Inquest morale: x%


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 525 Experience.png 72 Karma 17 Copper coin
Silver 446 Experience.png 62 Karma 14 Copper coin
Bronze 394 Experience.png 54 Karma 13 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 12 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event start
Inquest Agent Worrm: Greetings, Luminates Plant krewe. The Inquest can put these golems to better use.
Xapp: Get out of here, Worrm! We don't lend out our property to the Inquest!
Inquest Agent Worm: Objection noted, though that was not a request. Stand aside.
Xapp: (sigh) I see your purpose has degraded to institutional larceny. How pitiful.
Inquest Agent Worm: Fool! The Inquest will not tolerate the mockery of inferior intellects!
When LUM-0009 are being reprogrammed and they become Stolen LUM-0009
Stolen LUM-0009: Operator-override-accepted.
On success
Xapp: Take that, you oily purge-cranks! And don't come back.
Kippf: What he said!
Xapp: We're not finished here, Kippf.
Kippf: What do you mean?
Xapp: We may have chased them off, but the Inquest still managed to lift some of our golems.
Xapp: So we're going to march up to the Inquest complex and demand they return our property.
Kippf: I don't think that's a good idea, Xapp.
Xapp: Nonsense! My ideas are always good. Follow me!
On failure
Xapp: The Inquest managed to abscond with all of our golems. Kippf! How could you let this happen?
Kippf: What? How is this my fault?
Xapp: Those golems were supposed to have been programmed to our new specifications days ago!
Kippf: I fail to see how that's relevant.
Xapp: I'm officially holding you responsible until we recover every golem. Come with me!
Kippf: Where to?
Xapp: To the Inquest Complex. They have our property, and we're going to retrieve it.