Recover the stolen LUM0009 golems from the Inquest

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Recover the stolen LUM0009 golems from the Inquest

Interactive map

Interactive map

Recover the stolen LUM0009 golems from the Inquest is a level 14 dynamic event that occurs in Inquest Outer Complex.


  • LUM0009 golems recovered: x/x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 583 Experience.png 81 Karma 19 Copper coin
Silver 495 Experience.png 69 Karma 16 Copper coin
Bronze 437 Experience.png 61 Karma 14 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 14 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





On event start
Inquest Agent Worm: What are you doing here, Xapp? Have you come to join us? Ha! I've been waiting for this day.
Xapp: No. Only an imbecile would arrive at that conclusion. You have golems in your possession that belong to the Luminates Plant.
Inquest Agent Worm: Correction: They used to belong to the Luminates Plant. They are property of the Inquest, now.
Xapp: Then you leave us no choice but to retake our golems by force!
Event completion
Xapp: Excelsior! That's all of them. Let's get out of here!
As Xapp and Kippfs return to the Luminates Plant
Kippf: I didn't think we'd be able to pull it off, Xapp, but somehow we managed to recover all of our golems!
Xapp: Hmph. When will you learn to stop doubting me?.
Kippf: Sorry, chief.
Xapp: Keep your apology. You can redeem yourself by reprogramming these golems. Fit them with our engineering protocol.
Xapp: Once you've finished with that, the lightning cannons need a good polishing. They're getting tarnished.
Xapp: The golems could use some polish, as well. In fact, why don't you start with that?
Kippf: Anything else?
Xapp: Oh, I'm sure I can think of a great deal more for you to do.


  • Success of this event resets the event chain.
  • The amount of LUM-0009 golems that must be recovered varies based on the previous event, with the minimum being 3 if none were taken and the max being 6 if all golems were taken.
  • Stolen LUM-0009 golems killed outside of this event are destroyed instead of recovered.