Disguised Order Agent

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Disguised Order Agent


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Disguised Order Agents are Order of Whispers agents, disguised as Krait Slavers, found in The Mire Sea.


Maguuma Jungle

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Help the Order of Whispers instigate a fight between krait and Risen (66)


Before completing the renown heart
We have a problem. The krait and Risen are all in one area, but the two aren't fighting, yet.
(if the player is already are disguised as a Risen)
Talk end option tango.png You can have your disguise back now.
(if the player isn't disguised as a Risen)
Talk more option tango.png Give me a disguise, and I'll rile them up. (Agent will cast Order Risen Disguise upon you)
Talk end option tango.png I can't help you right now.
After completing the renown heart
If the krait don't hate the Risen now, I don't know what will get to them. Good job, <Character name>.
Talk end option tango.png It was no problem.