Flying Cow Token

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Flying Cow Token

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Tokens are obtained by winning a wager with Mad Mardine at the Cattlepult after successfully completing Defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he tests his invention. You get to play 3 times. Bets are 50 silver. There are 4 possible outcomes of how far the catapulted cow will go: Harpy Roost, Harpy Nest, Moorwatch Tower, and a misfire, but you are only allowed to bet on the first three. If the cattlepult misfires, you lose the bet. If you win, you get a Flying Cow Token, which you can sell back to him or any merchant npc for 1 gold.


Between launches

Mad Mardine: I've placed the cattlepult on autolaunch. Interested in making a wager on how far this cow will go?
Mad Mardine: All right, get the next one. How far do you think it'll go?
Mad Mardine: Last one. All or nothing! Where is this one gonna land?
Mad Mardine: All right. Play time is over. I need to get back to work
Tigh Snatchskull: You want me to get more cows, boss?
Mad Mardine: I thought that was obvious. Yeah, go and acquire more cattle.

Before cow launch (random)

Mad Mardine: Possible use for the device as fertilizer generation machine!
Mad Mardine: Chance of survival is approximately zero percent. I may need to conduct research to find the best bovine padding.
Mad Mardine: Ahh, cattlepult would make an excellent meat tenderizer. (laugh)
Mad Mardine: The cattlepult is to be handled by professionals only!
Mad Mardine: If only I could get more aerodynamic cows. That would reduce the bovine windspeed vector and account for barometric perturbance.
Mad Mardine: Note to self: cows appear to lose bowel control when launched. Let's call that a feature.

On cow landing (depends on the outcome)

Mad Mardine: Hmph. It only made it to the harpy roosts. I thought it would go farther.
Mad Mardine: The cow made it to the harpy nest! ha! Not bad. Not bad.
Mad Mardine: No way! It made it all the way to the tower! That's outstanding! If a guard shows up here, act like nothing happened.
Mad Mardine: Uh-oh. The cattlepult misfired. I guess there's still a few kinks I need to work out.


  • The cows will get launched whether you bet or not. You have a limited time to bet on each launch.
  • The outcomes of the 3 cow launches are independent of each other: the cow can fall in the same place 3 times.
  • You have a 25% chance of doubling your bet.
  • Talking with the soldiers near the tower reveals that, in the past, they have been hit by the cows.