Defend Brokentooth Maw

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Defend Brokentooth Maw

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defend Brokentooth Maw is a level 50 event in Terra Combusta.


  • Brokentooth Maw
  • Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag red.png
  • x% Branded Swarm Remaining


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,859 Experience.png 243 Karma.png 56 Copper coin
Silver 3,280 Experience.png 207 Karma.png 48 Copper coin
Bronze 2,895 Experience.png 183 Karma.png 42 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 50 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event start
Ghorok Shatterspine: Legionnaire! We have a swarm of crystal dragon minions inbound!
Legionnaire Shattershield: Another day, another horde. Soldiers, move to defensive positions!
During the event
Legionnaire Shattershield: As long as I'm breathing, the Maw will dominate the Brand.
Ghorok Shatterspine: We're not done until the last corrupted freak is dead!
Event success
Legionnaire Shattershield: Another empty victory.
Frotlov Shattermind: No glory. No victory. No end. No pain. In vain. Contain. Detain. Remain.
Ghorok Shatterspine: Lunatic. He's a few bolts short of a cannon!
Legionnaire Shattershield: That lunatic saved your life. Or did you forget?
Ghorok Shatterspine: What I put up with to keep this place safe makes my tail twitch just thinking about it.
Ghorok Shatterspine: Everyone's lucky I'm strong enough to take charge.
Event failure
Ghorok Shatterspine: It's no good. There's too many.
Legionnaire Shattershield: Everyone, fall back now!


  • Foes in the capture zone can continue to capture Brokentooth Maw even if players are also in the capture zone.
  • The color of the capture zone (blue/red) does not accurately reflect whether there are foes in the capture zone.