Defeat the grawl shaman before he can reach Slagvi

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Defeat the grawl shaman before he can reach Slagvi

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat the grawl shaman before he can reach Slagvi is a level 28 dynamic event that occurs in The Godspurs.



Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,213 Experience.png 144 Karma.png 34 Copper coin
Silver 1,031 Experience.png 123 Karma.png 28 Copper coin
Bronze 910 Experience.png 108 Karma.png 25 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 28 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event starts
Veteran Grawl Shaman: "Bring that whelp back here!"
Veteran Grawl Shaman:: "You shouldn't have come!"
In combat
Veteran Grawl Shaman: "Another offering for our god!"
Veteran Grawl Shaman: "You'll make a good sacrifice."
Veteran Grawl Shaman: "You will suffer for this!"
Veteran Grawl Shaman: "You will be broken!"
Event completed
Slagvi: "Feels good to be away from those superstitious idiots."
After event is completed
Berusad: "That was good fun!"
Drukket: "That was. Wait, why did we do that again?"
Olut: "We went to save Slagvi from the grawl. That was a victory worthy of Wolf."
Sima: "One we should toast! Today, the ale will taste sweeter and our songs will be louder. Drink up!"
After the adults leave
Esja: "You're alive. I guess it took both Wolf and Bear to save your butt."
Slagvi: "Oh, it was no big deal. Some grown-ups showed up, but I had those grawl beat."
Rikvi Reidarsdottir: "Yeah, yeah. You still didn't prove anything."
Slagvi: "Raven needs to give you new eyes. I knocked that grawl flat."
Rikvi Reidarsdottir: "And then you got captured, cried about it, and didn't help the grownups fight the grawl after you escaped."
Slagvi: "Yeah...well...I'm still tougher than the both of you."
Rikvi Reidarsdottir: "(laugh)"