Defeat the Separatists assaulting the Town of Nageling

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Defeat the Separatists assaulting the Town of Nageling

Town of Nageling
(Diessa Plateau)
Event type
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Group event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat the Separatists assaulting the Town of Nageling is a level 18 event that occurs in Town of Nageling.


  • Separatists killed: x/10


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 719
99 Karma.png 23 Copper coin
Silver 611
85 Karma.png 20 Copper coin
Bronze 539
75 Karma.png 17 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 18 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.




The dialog varies depending on the destination of the Separatist delegation.
Before the event starts
South gate
Veteran Separatist Envoy: I am on my way now to talk with the charr. I hope to convince them that our overtures for peace are from the heart.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Sheath you swords and holster your pistols. I am here to discuss a truce.
Iron Legion Soldier: Truce, eh? Do yourselves a favor - turn tail-less and run, while you still have the legs to carry you.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Given ou history, I understand your reaction. But we come armed with only this token of good will.
Iron Legion Soldier: You call this a token of good will? A slab of meat wrapped around a cask of whiskey is a token of good will.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: I assure you, this gift is harmless. Please deliver it to your superiors as quickly as possible.
Iron Legion Soldier: I'm too busy to drag it all the way inside. How's about I just blow it up instead?
West gate south
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Bloodshed is the past. Blood bonds are the future. The hatred ends today.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Please, there is no need to get your fur up. My mission here is purely peaceful.
Iron Legion Soldier(F): (laugh) And they say you humans have no sense of humor.
Iron Legion Soldier(M): A truce, eh? Well, praise the false gods and pass the ammunition.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Yes. And we've even brought a gift as a gesture of our commitment to this new era of peace between our camps.
Iron Legion Soldier(M): Oooh. Pretty box. Can we open it?
Veteran Separatist Envoy: We would be honored to watch you accept our gift.
Iron Legion Soldier(F): Don't touch that thing, you idiot.
Iron Legion Soldier(M): Please. I was never very good at waiting.
Iron Legion Soldier(F): No. They call this a gift, and yet I smell the sweet aroma of neither meat nor whiskey—only the stench of the sweaty humans who cobbled this crate together.
Iron Legion Soldier(M): But, this is a gesture of peace, and gestures of peace were made to be opened.
Iron Legion Soldier(F): Argh! This truce isn't real. Now, torch this stupid box and the lowlifes who lugged it here.
West gate north
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Retract your claws, noble felines, we come in peace.
Iron Legion Soldier: Retrace your steps, or you'll leave in pieces.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: I feel you distrust. That's why we have come with this gesture of good faith.

A box spawns at the gate

Iron Legion Soldier: Hey! It's all in good faith until someone loses an eye.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: I apologize for the awkward delivery, but please accept this token as a sincere overture for peace.
Iron Legion Soldier(F): Get your hairless hides from my gate, and take your rickety "token" with you. The only use we have for it is as kindling.
Veteran Separatist Envoy: Please, just take it inside so your brothers and sisters can share in the joy of the end of our conflict.
Iron Legion Soldier(M): You must think we're as stupid as you kind. This conversation is over.

The delegation turns hostile as Separatists emerge from the box. The box contains: Veteran Marksman, 2 Veteran Engineers and 3 Bashers.

After the event
Marri Strongshot: The Separatist threat has been silenced. Now we must repair the damage to the town.