Crewmaster Plagueshot

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Crewmaster Plagueshot is a gladium who joined Captain Jetsam's crew.


Shiverpeak Mountains


I'd eat a quaggan before I'd follow it into battle. I'll be a good soldier for now, but I don't owe Jetsam enough to put up with this forever.
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Would you really eat a quaggan?
Deep-sea quaggans have higher fat content, so they're tastier. And since they float easier in seawater, they're not as tough. Oh, lemme guess. You don't eat things that talk, right?
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Why do you owe Jetsam anything?
My warband was wiped out and my centurion rushed pin the blame on me. Jetsam took a chance on me when I was at my lowest. In a way, I owe him my life.
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