Chest of the Mists (rare)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the rare container. For its exotic counterpart, see Chest of the Mists (exotic).

Daily achievement chest.png

Chest of the Mists

Double-click to open.
Contains a Pristine Fractal Relic, a +1 Agony Infusion, a Writ of Experience, and two Fractal Encryption Keys, and a chance for rare items.
Bonus rewards with the Agony Channeler or the Recursive Resourcing mastery.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items. Daily Fractal (Historical) Daily 0Achievement points
Complete 1 fractal in the Fractals of the Mists through the portal in Lion's Arch.
Reward: Daily achievement chest.pngChest of the Mists
1 Fractal Conquered 0Achievement points


Historical drops: Chest of the Mists (rare)/historical


Icon Link Acquisition
Daily achievement chest.png From the Daily Fractal
Daily achievement chest (Wintersday).png During Wintersday 2014
Daily achievement chest (gold).png During Lunar New Year


  • Added to the game with the December 16, 2014 update, as part of the reworked daily achievement system.
  • Chests of the Mists awarded for Daily Recommended Fractals were removed on April 19, 2016, when the daily fractals were reworked.