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Dry Top[edit]

ID Link Location
1905 Point of interest.pngSpurbend Canyon
1906 Point of interest.pngFlatland Wastes
1907 Point of interest.pngChoke Canyon
1908 Point of interest.pngShip's Fall
1909 Point of interest.pngCrash Site 1
1910 Point of interest.pngSalamander's Rise
1913 Point of interest.pngSparring Rock
1915 Point of interest.pngAbandoned Mine
1916 Point of interest.pngLair of the Beast
1917 Point of interest.pngProsperity Mine
1918 Point of interest.pngTown of Prosperity
1922 Point of interest.pngOmadd's Machine
1923 Point of interest.pngLey Line Hub
1927 Point of interest.pngRestoration Refuge
1929 Point of interest.pngAzarr's Arbor
1930 Point of interest.pngCragrock Palace
1931 Point of interest.pngOasis
1932 Point of interest.pngCrash Site 2
1934 Point of interest.pngRaptor Prowl
1939 Point of interest.pngInquest Base
1940 Point of interest.pngRepair Station
1942 Point of interest.pngCrash Site 3
ID Link Location
1914 Waypoint (tango icon).pngProsperity Waypoint
1920 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDry Top Entry Waypoint
1926 Waypoint (tango icon).pngVine Bridge Waypoint
1928 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRestoration Refuge Waypoint
1943 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRepair Station Waypoint
ID Link Location
1911 Vista.pngSparring Rock Vista
1912 Vista.pngCrash Site Vista
1921 Vista.pngCrash Site 2 Vista
1924 Vista.pngLey Line Hub Vista
1925 Vista.pngRaptor Prowl Vista
1941 Vista.pngInquest Base Vista

The Silverwastes[edit]

ID Link Location
1950 Point of interest.pngThe Labyrinth
1951 Point of interest.pngWingspan Arch
1958 Point of interest.pngRed Rock Bastion
1959 Point of interest.pngCamp Resolve
1961 Point of interest.pngIndigo Cave
1962 Point of interest.pngAmber Sandfall
1963 Point of interest.pngBlue Oasis
1965 Point of interest.pngSS Topsy-Turvy
1966 Point of interest.pngFugitive's Claim
1967 Point of interest.pngSand Dune Caverns
1968 Point of interest.pngPicaroon Scratch
1970 Point of interest.pngWailing Sands
1971 Point of interest.pngCharnel Grounds
1972 Point of interest.pngDry Quarry
1973 Point of interest.pngNorthern Shelf
1974 Point of interest.pngRemnant's Retreat
1975 Point of interest.pngVinewrath Tangle
1976 Point of interest.pngOutlier's Foundry
ID Link Location
1919 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCamp Resolve Waypoint
1964 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHidden Depths Waypoint
1978 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDry Dock Grotto Waypoint
ID Link Location
1953 Vista.pngDesperate Passage Vista
1954 Vista.pngIndigo Caves Vista
1955 Vista.pngRed Rock Bastion Vista
1956 Vista.pngFar Silverwastes Vista
1957 Vista.pngCamp Resolve Vista
1960 Vista.pngNorthern Shelf Vista
1977 Vista.pngAmber Sandfall Vista