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Cell Door Lock

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Cell Door Lock

Cell Door Lock.jpg

The Hero of Istan
(Plains of Jarin)

Cell Door Lock can be found in one of the cells under the Mordant Crescent Great Hall.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]


The lock is forged iron.
(If elementalist)
Talk more option tango.png But even steel melts. (gives access to Conjure Slag Axe)
(If guardian)
Talk more option tango.png But not unbreakable steel. (gives access to Hammer of Unchaining)
(If thief)
Talk more option tango.png But not impossible to pick. (with Makeshift Lockpick in inventory; use Lift Pin every time it pops up, to successfully open the lock)
Talk more option tango.png But the keyhole is large. (without Makeshift Lockpick in inventory)
Your fingers are too large to fit, but something smaller could fit inside and work the tumblers.
Talk end option tango.png See what else is in the cell.
Talk end option tango.png Perhaps you should look around.