Castra Bloodspill

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Castra Bloodspill is a member of the Blood Legion found at Temperus Point.



If you're looking for some action, you've come to the right place! The Blood Legion are always ready for battle.
For Blood Legion charr:
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That's why I swore my oath to Blood.
Well chosen, my Blood Brother. We don't hide in the shadows like the sneaky Ash, or slave over a hot furnace all day like the sweaty Iron. For we are the strongest and bravest of the three legions.
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Hear, hear!
Our home is the battlefield and our life is the fight. We alone know the stench of the dragon's breath. We alone have stared deep into the lifeless eyes of the Ascalonian ghosts.
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And we have done so with honor.
For all other characters:
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You seem to be a fan of the Blood Legion.
Because we don't hide in the shadows, like the sneaky Ash Legion, or slave all day over a hot furnace, like the sweaty Iron Legion. For we are the strongest and the bravest of all the legions.
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What makes the Blood Legion the bravest?
Because we're the ones on the front lines. Toe-to-toe and face-to-face with the enemy. We know the foul stench of the dragons' breath and have stared into the lifeless eyes of the Ascalonian ghosts.
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So Temperus Point is your headquarters?
Temperus Point is just our forward base. The Blood have no headquarters. Our home is on the front lines. We fight and sleep on a different patch of ground each day.
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Then I'll let you get back to the fight.
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Sounds like the good life. Good luck.
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You've got me convinced. Good Luck.